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For many years Sri Lanka was one of the most troubled regions in the world. Nevertheless, the country has found peace and its people long for a peaceful everyday life. In the former Ceylon with its capital Colombo , the residents are now happy about every guest who visits a country that offers great diversity. Today, Sri Lanka holidays are much more than an insider tip. In addition, the infrastructure of the island in the Indian Ocean is improving every year. No matter whether individual or group travel, holidays in the country take you to an exotic island that has it all. Here, mysterious, species-rich national parks alternate with pristine white beaches on the blue sea. Green hills dotted with tea plantations and elephants refreshing themselves in lakes and canals stand side by side with the history and culture of a breathtaking country. Our specialists combine flights, hotels and beach holidays in Sri Lanka for you just as you wish. Your beach vacation in Sri Lanka will be an experience!

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The entry requirements for Sri Lanka are constantly changing. However, the passport must be valid for at least six months. A visa is also required for entry. This is a fee-based visa that can be applied for online or directly at the airport. Combination trips with the Maldives are particularly popular.

Holidays with children in Sri Lanka are considered very unproblematic. The residents love children and have a big heart for holiday guests with children. There are also many hotels that specialize in families. Everyone gets their money’s worth on the Sir Lanke holidays.

The best time to travel to Sri Lanka is from December to March for the west and south coasts and the central highlands, and from April to September for the east coast. Sri Lanka has a tropical climate all year round. Heavy rain showers can occur in the country from May to July. However, near the coast the temperatures are usually very pleasant and mild.


Buddhism has a very high status in Sri Lanka. Around 10 percent of the residents profess Islam and almost 8 percent are Christians.

English was the official language until 1957. To this day, holidaymakers get very far with this language.

There are three-pin sockets in the country. Citizens from Switzerland will definitely need an adapter for their upcoming holidays in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, such adapters are difficult to obtain in the country itself.

With a local SIM card, the telephones or the Internet can usually be used without any problems.

Payment is made with the Sri Lankan rupee. In some cases you can only get cash in larger cities.

The difference to Switzerland is minus 4 hours and 30 minutes. During summer time in Europe it is one hour less.

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